The Find

I spent the day with my Mom yesterday- less the kiddos(they were with Grandpa at the County Fair). We decided to go garage saleing since I haven’t gone at ALL this summer, I know lame. I got a few goodies, but mostly the sales just had junk, and half the sales we went to had “canceled” signs out, really lame. We decided to grab some lunch at our favorite mexican restaurant then headed over to GoodWill. Man am I glad we did! A couple minutes after walking in I spot a gorgeous white cabinet in the furniture section! I was shocked, usually it’s just the ugly dated furniture, the garage sale leftovers that nobody wants, but LO AND BEHOLD this beauty was just there calling me! Don’t you LOVE it when you find that ONE find of the day?

After the earlier episode of garage sale let downs, it was a brilliant way to end the day! I pick it up today + when I get it home I’ll make sure to get picture posted!


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