The Crew

the ultimate temptation…

JCREW is one of my weaknesses, one of many. Why does everything have to be so darn cute!?! Seriously, it’s like they can’t design a bad piece, “…umm creative director a little break here please, i’d like to eat more than ramen noodles this month…”. It’s the only catalog I would order every single item if I could. It’s a good thing I’m not rich cause I’d be broke real fast!

Only $27,396.50 for one of everything in the catalog,…”That’s right folks! If you call right now you can get one of everything in this incredible offer for only $27,396.50, just $27,396.50!”

(you know it’s bad when you’re adding up everything in the catalog…again a little help here please…)

geezz… I can’t even afford the tax on that… better get saving…


One response to “The Crew

  1. ha ha! I think that there is help for these kinds of problems. just kidding =)

    so true though. I wish I could order the whole catalog too

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