Make believe

A few days ago Sophia asked if I’d make a veil for her. And after having the week I’ve had – busy, busy, busy, + a little stressful – okay a lot stressful, it has left me drained + exhausted…+ making a veil was the last thing i wanted to do…THE LAST…

Regardless I threw one together. Feeling bad + worried she would hate it since it was obviously “thrown together”, I hesitantly place it on her head. Instantly she smiled, grabbed her baby doll, ran outside + started dancing about…

It’s a reminder to me that even the smallest gestures, ones we think are insignificant, are huge to kiddos. They don’t expect us to be perfect, they just want us to try…try to do our best even when we don’t feel like it…





One response to “Make believe

  1. Aww, so true isn’t it though?! I hope things pick up for you and they get better, they have to eventually 🙂

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