Spring Fever

Although the weather hasn’t been that great, I’ve been spending more and more time in the yard this year. I say, “you haven’t experienced Spring until you smell like dirt and are wearing some”…at least that’s what I tell myself… 🙂
We’ve just begun building a fence which has been quite the project, and we seem to have tons of those happening around these parts. Sometimes I feel like I’m literally drowning in projects…uncompleted projects mind you. There’s no one to blame but myself really, and I’ve come to the realization my creativity is both a blessing + a curse. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great starter! I have the enthusiasm and pep of a 15 year old cheerleader, but when it comes to following through and finishing I just can’t seem to get there.
Often times I tell myself, “you need to hire an assistant”, or “drink lots of coffee + just don’t sleep”, and “put your kids to work…child labor laws, huh?”….okay in all seriousness, the conclusion I keep coming back to is BAD TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS. That’s it.
So I’ve made it a priority to work on becoming more efficient in my life, to streamline things, and cut out the fillers. So far so good, I just need to keep up the 15 year old cheerleader act…….where are my pom poms?….hahaha….







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