I need my studio

So we’ve been building this studio/guest pad space for the past year(yeah, it’s in the “way too many projects going at once” category), but we’re finally getting down to the nitty gritty of finishing it and I am shaking with anticipation for the okay to move my stuff in. You see with me, I’m constantly dreaming up ideas and things to do or make, but my creativity and drive gets snuffed when I have to hunt + gather around the house for what I need, not only does it take FOREVER, but I usually end up frustrated from not finding the last thing I needed(hello rotary cutter that’s you). It’s not that I have horrid organization skills it’s that storage space is limited, so all these goodies end up under my bed, in my closet vying for space with my clothes, + I’m embarrassed to admit but I even have some in my kiddos rooms in their closets. Alright you get it – I’m overloaded here. How do you stay organized?






One response to “I need my studio

  1. Looks good! I stay organized by dedicating one whole area of my house to my studio..it’s not a room, just part of a room. It works for now!

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