Witty Pillows

So I’ve embarked on yet another creative venture in the last few months which adds to the already numerous ‘ventures’ I’m currently up to my neck in. I don’t know what it is about me, or my personality, but I get these creative surges and they just won’t subside until they come to fruition. The latest has been more pillows. I’ve decided pillows are both functional and comforting and yet can be tools to portray or express ourselves. So here’s the first of many I’ve made in the studio. More pictures to come. What would you want yours to say?


3 responses to “Witty Pillows

  1. Hey Heather! First, thank you for joining Everyone Loves Lipstick! Second, I see that you have an etsy shop too! YAY, I am going to go check it out now!
    I love the header pics on the top of your blog too!


  2. Hi Angela! Thanks, I’m good at being a huge dork…… professional really.

  3. i love that! such a cute idea for pillows!

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