The Greats

I don’t know about you, but I get some of my greatest creative epiphanies while I’m doing the most mundane of tasks. The idea for my pillows came while I was laying on my couch reading and staring at some boring pillows. Boring I know. Many times they come to me while out in the garden. Maybe it’s the fresh air, the smell of dirt, or the fact that you have to be thinking cause there’s really nothing else to be doing while you strategically pull weeds and huck them into a bucket. This latest idea came to me while driving along listening to Dr. Dre. – yes I’m a big rap fan. I’m really a fan of all kinds of music from jazz to classical to country, but I just happen to be listening to Dre at that moment. I was thinking how much I adored silhouettes and how I’ve been playing in Photoshop making lots for a while now, when I thought how great it would be to make a set of rapper silhouettes to frame. BINGO! I just loved the contrast between the silhouette, which has been known to be a stuffy, prim and proper, piece of art for the longest time, and the modern music icons who don’t fit in that category at all.

I framed it in my hall and absolutely ADORE it! People who come through always stop thinking it’s going to be some regal piece of art, and end up laughing and loving it. I’m thinking I’m going to add prints for sale in my etsy shop. What do you think?


3 responses to “The Greats

  1. WOW that’s an awesome piece of art! *thumbs up*

    And thanks for entering my giveaway 😉

  2. great picture! i would be one of those people who would be ballin by the time i was done reading the words on the silhouettes.

    do you have a link for your etsy shop? i was looking at your flowers on the post below and i was contemplating whether i should buy or make.

  3. oh my gosh – i LOVE that so so so much!! Definitely put it in your etsy shop! You could even make different versions with different people !

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